ShotStop GT III+Ballistic Plates 10 x 12 x.6 FC/MC

ShotStop GT III+Ballistic Plates 10 x 12 x.6 FC/MC

In the world today, ballistics protection solutions are measured on four key variables; how strong is the protection, how much does it weigh, how comfortable it is and finally, how much does it cost. It has been more than 30 years since any disruptive technologies in ballistics protection have been announced. We are excited to introduce ShotStop Ballistics, LLC’s advanced ballistics raw materials and custom engineered solutions to a market that is well-overdue for something far more dynamic, light weight, comfortable and affordable. Sizing runs from 6×6  up to 11 x 14 with multi-curve on the larger plates and single curve on the smaller models.

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 10 × .6 × 12 in


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