A Trusted Company Providing Tactical Training Programs

When in need of comprehensive training courses for combat and security operations, depend on Black Cloud OPS. Aside from our standard classes, our team designs custom training sessions to address the unique needs and situations of our clients. We serve customers in Ohio and the rest of the Midwestern United States.

Our History

After spending more than 25 years in tactical training and LEO operations, our founder brought together key professionals who share the same goals that he has. These people are now the team behind Black Cloud OPS. Under their leadership, our company continues to evolve throughout the years.

The Staff

Our personnel now includes current and former LEO professionals. Each member is highly knowledgeable in:

  • Firearms
  • Joint and Large-Scale Operational Leadership
  • Planning
  • Tactical Operations

Many of them have played key leadership roles alongside one another. Because of this, they already have great relationships that reinforce camaraderie among the team.

Our Mission

We strive to make American LEOs and dedicated citizens become more effective assets for the dangerous days ahead. Our team achieves this goal through our superior training courses, where we work with each student to make them better.

Additional Services

As a subsidiary of ST Customs, we are an authorized dealer of:

  • Combined Tactical Systems (CTS) Less-Lethal Equipment
  • Gear Resources
  • Hoffner Knives and Apparel
  • Less-Lethal Products and Training
  • Protective Gear, Shields, and Ballistic Safety Items
  • ShotStop Ballistics
  • Tactical Electronics

Special event threat planning, drills, and evaluations are available at your request. For proper preparation, we require a six- to eight-week minimum lead time. Please contact Sam at [email protected] for any special requests or questions.