Tactical Breaching Mechanical And Shotgun

Required Gear:

Manual Ram and Halligan tool

12ga. Shotgun with breaching standoff

5 12ga, breaching rounds and 5 12ga. #7 rds.

Hearing and eye protection


Course is a LE only class to provide a base level of training in the use of the manual Ram breaching techniques. Also the use and safe deployment of the 12ga shotgun breaching tactic and techniques. The two listed capabilities are often overlook as a first responder skill that could be a life saving measure if they are trained to use the equipment. Identification of the applicable tool for the door or entry port will add to their usefulness and skills in this day and age. Students will receive first hand use in the various ram configurations as well as a sledge hammer and Halligan tool. The shotgun breaching option offers an additional tactic for making entry in to a crisis location where the other tools or tactics may not be feasible. The safe handling and use of this method can provide a quick and safe alternative when used correctly. Students will get first hand use to the see the effectiveness and safety steps to apply when in use.