Practical SWAT Team Leader Course

Required Gear:

All Normal Tactical Operations gear

Weapons primary and secondary (rifle/pistol)   200rds for each

Protective gear eye and hearing protection

Gas Mask

Hydration system

Gloves, knee pads, elbow pads

Course objective is the provide Tactical Team leaders with hands on practical drills that are often discussed in may venues but rarely practiced. Students will see variations to entry tactics and practical applications of the science aspect of high risk entry operations. The class will challenge each other with drills and techniques that may be foreign to their team.  The team leader’s mission starts from the planning, through operation, and finally debrief/AAR.  His function in the operational segment is that to lead and make decisions not to operate if possible. This class will put the TL in that in worst case scenario based missions and have them function through the entire process.  Eval and corrective measures will be part of each phase of the class with blunt and constructive evaluations   Students will have a data base of new drills and techniques along with experience new gear and technology along with being a more efficient TL for their team.