LE Sniper Mid-Range Dope Confirmation 100-600yd KD And UKD

Required Gear:

300 Rds. of Match Grade ammunition for the primary weapon

Hearing and Eye Protection mandatory

Data Book  and Cleaning equipment

Shooting Mat and Hydration system

Spotting Scope and Kestrel if available

Hydration system, and trail snacks

Inclement weather gear

Operational tactical Uniform and Boots

Weapon Optic with at least 10x capability and adjustment Turrets minimum ¼ MOA

Most LE Snipers rarely are confronted with a shot in excess of 100yds. Nationally the avg. LE Sniper shot is approximately 51yds and one as close as 5yds was reported to have been taken. A PA State Trooper successfully engaged a hostage taker at 187yds saving a young girl, so the days of just shooting a normal 100 zero check should be a thing of the past. Students will confirm and engage known distance targets between 100 and 600 yds. as well as documented their rifle and their ability to deliver that precision shot at those distances. The shooter will see and experience the environmental effects on the external ballistics on their bullet. The training and first-hand experience the shooter provided will increase the student’s capabilities, enhance the confidence in the weapon, and add to the performance outcome the team and agency require.